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Overcoming the Enemy, Defeat

Enjoy a complimentary training session as John Terry shares a powerful teaching on how to overcome defeat in our lives. Click on the image to access this free training. You'll also gain insight to John's leadership blog, delivered directly to you Inbox each week.  

If you understand the enemy's tactics, you can develop effective countermeasures to defeat an adversary. Defeat MUST be defeated if you desire to live a successful, rewarding life.  
MASTER Your Self-Confidence

How do you stop that nagging, little voice that's holding you back? First, know it's possible.  "Affirming Words" shares the stories of exceptional people who learned to silence the voice of fear. Access this FREE eBook to read these inspirational stories that illustrate it IS possible to overcome self-doubt.

And for those who would like some help to overcome those feelings of doubt and insecurity, "MASTER Your Self-Confidence" was created for you. This online course (and accompanying book) will provide you with a blueprint to silence that self-defeating voice and boost your confidence to higher heights.  
On-Demand Masterclasses
MASTER The Art of Listening

One of the most important skill sets you can master is the art of effective listening.  We all love to talk, but few choose to be intentional about listening,  Why? This is where learning and understanding truly take place.  

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, to listen twice as much as we speak.  MASTER the Art of Listening and you'll master an essential step to not just communicating, but also effectively connecting with others.  
Building a High-Performance Culture

A common theme among many businesses in improving performance.  Guess what?  This doesn't happen be default.  The most important resource in any business are its people.  Creating an environment where they can grow, prosper, and thrive is possible, but it starts with CULTURE.    

What are you doing to cultivate a High-Performance culture in your workplace?  Here are some tips to get you started.
MASTER the Art of Networking

One of the benefits of joining the local Chamber, becoming a member of BNI, and using online tools such as LinkedIn is that you get to connect with other successful business owners who have a customer base that are also candidates for your product, service, or solution.  If you both have a similar target audience, networking opens the door to joint venture referral partnerships.

Want some tips to become a MASTER at Networking?  That's what I share in this training session.  
Get in Front of the Right Customer

Out of all the customers you serve in your business, who benefits the most from what you offer?  If you could get in front of more of this type of customer, how much more successful could you become?  Highly successful CEOs, entrepreueurs, and business owners understand that micro-targeting their marketing message to those they best serve allows them to attract more of them to buy your products and services.
Public Speaking Made Easy

More people fear public speaking than dying.  Yet every day people are speaking on a stage.  It might be an audience of one, two, or ten, but we're speaking in front of other people all the time.  So why all the fear?  Public speaking CAN be easy, and in this informative training you'll gain the insight and confidence you need to become a more effective, dynamic speaker.  
Proven Success Principles

Success leaves clues, are you?  To create a thriving, succesful business in the 21st Century, you need to rethink your business model.  There are a number of Success Principles that will help you create a high-performance, results-focused, non-leader-dependent team that embraces and lives out your vision as it serves your audience with excellence.  In this training series, you'll discover what these principles are and tips on their implementation.  
Be THE Expert

How do you "stand out in the crowd" so your busines stands out from everyone else who is vying for your customer's attention?  You become known as "The Expert."  If given the choise, most people prefer to work with an expert.  

So how do you become seen as an Authority Figure or an Expert that attracts people to you?  That's what I cover in this power-packed training.  
Branding for the 21st Century

Your brand is how you're seen by your customers, prospects, and peers. It's much more than a logo and a tagline. Branding allows you to consistently tell your customers and prospective customers who you are, what you do, and how you uniquely do it.  And in today's competive society, it is another way you can stand out in the crowd.

In this "MASTER Your Sales" training module, I'll share some insights and tips to creating a powerful brand identity.  
MASTER Your Social Media

If your customers and propsects are on social media and you're not, you're invisible.  But if you're not showing up the right way on social media, that can be just as bad.  With scores of social media platforms available, which ones should you consider...or should you even be there at all?  

In this insightful training, I'll share insights into how successful businesses are using social media to gain exposure, attract new customers, and build a tribe of loyal, raving fans who become your unpaid sales force.  
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