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Black Belt Leadership
Black Belt Leadership - Books & Courses
Science has made huge strides in the area of neuroscience and human behavior.  As we've gained insights into how humans learn, and how this learning affects the choices we make, we've discovered some powerful correlations between relationships, money, and health and wellness.  How we view the world around us, and interact with others, shapes how we lead ourselves and others.  Discover the uniqueness of who you are, and the uniqueness of those around you, through human behavior training.
Human Behavior Training
  • Attitude Psychographics
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Stressors and Distressors
  • How People Communicate
  • How to Motivate People
  • High-Performance Team-Building
  • Primary Communication Styles
  • Primary Buying Styles
  • DISC Personallity Profiles
  • DISC Communication Survey
  • DISC Impact Report for Schools
  • DISC Student Success Report
  • DISC Career Impact Report
  • DISC College and Career Report
  • DISC Enterpreneur Impact Report
  • DISC Impact Growth Report
  • DISC Sales & Sales Leadership Report
As an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, I can deliver a variety of John Maxwell Team licensed content, bringing the 30+ years of wisdom and insight from the #1 recognized leadership guru directly into your organization. Whether a keynote address, lunch-n-learn event, mastermind, executive coaching, group coaching or training, these proven resources will help you equip and empower your team to thrive.  
Personal and Professional Development Courses

        • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
        • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
        • Becoming a Person of Influence
        • Developing the Leaders Around You
        • Everyone Communicates, Few Connecr
        • Pur Your Dreams to the Test
        • Today Matters
        • No Limits
        • Good Leaders Ask Great Questions
        • How to be a REAL Success
        • Leadershift
        • Leadership Gold
        • Leadership Transitions
Corporate Training, Workshops & Retreats

        • Maxwell Method of Coaching
        • Maxwell Method of Impact
        • Maxwell Method of Leadership
        • Maxwell Method of Selling
        • Maxwell Method of Speaking
        • Executive Briefs
        • Componding Power of Communication
        • Compounding Power of Teamwork
        • The Leadership Game for Leaders
        • The Leadership Game for Communication
        • The Leadership Game for Sales
JMT - Maxwell Academy
Shihan University
The term Shihan is used to describe a leader (teacher) who models excellence. Shihan University is an online learning library where serious students of leadership can enroll to grow and learn.

Masterminds groups, book studies, master classes, LIVE and On-Demand webinars and more, with new content being added regularly. All for an affordable monthly subscription fee.  

Invest in your own personal growth and development.  

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