The Master Class - Black Belt Leadership

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The Master Class

Black Belt Leadership
Black Belt Leadership : The Virtual Master Class
Why Just be a Leader When You Can Be a Black Belt Leader?  

Let me take you on your own Black Belt Leadership journey as I personally teach you the 10 Leadership Qualifies required to live life as a Black Belt Leader in Life.  No punching or kicking required.  Only a willingness to be teachable and a passion to pursue excellence in the way you live your life.  Don't just be a leader, be a Black Belt Leader.  Enroll Today!  

  • 10 Modules, 5 Video Lessons per Module
  • 10 Downloadable Worksheets
  • 50 Downloadable Audio Files

The ancient Samurai followed the Seven Virtues of the Bushido:

Integrity (Gi)
Respect (Rei)
Heroic Courage (Yu)
Honor (Meiyo)
Compassion (Jin)
Honesty & Sincerity (Makoto)
Duty & Loyalty (Chu)

For centuries, martial arts instructors built upon these tenets as they taught their studenst not only to defend themselves well, but instilled within them to make good choices, and to lead themselves with Black Belt Excellence.  

These secrets are now revealed in this definitive guide on becoming a Black Belt Leader in Life.
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